Sizzles Tans

Lotions are an important part of tanning. Just like you wouldn't wash your hair without shampoo, you shouldn't tan without lotion. Lotion will help you tan faster and better by keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Remember, moist skin tans better than dry skin.

What lotion should you use? Maybe this will help...

 *Do not contain bronzers

 *Promote melanin production when exposed to UV light 

 *Contain large amount of moisturizer to help 
 re-hydrate the skin

Bronzers: *most popular type of lotion

*cosmetic bronzer use ingredients that work with the skin to give  

  instant color that continues to develop hours later

*natural bronzer use ingredients that work with your own melanin
 to produce a tan. tend to fade faster

Tingle: *ingredients that increase blood circulation-when oxygen in the     blood rises to the surface of the skin the UV light reaches it 

 easier to produce a deeper tan

*should have a good base tan before using

 *has a warming and reddening effect on the skin that is temporary  

Moisturizers/after-tan lotion: *most important type of lotion
 *use immediately after tanning and After a shower or bath 
 *Contain high amounts of antioxidants that protect the skin from 

 damage and lock in moisture 
 *Better skin condition equals extended tan life