45 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 160-watt UV Lamps.
2 A.R.T. 800-watt High-Pressure Facial Tanners.
Reflector Neck Tanner.

Separate air-conditioned base acrylic cooling. Multi Relax base acrylic. Included in our Level 4 Package.

Open Sun 550

​A 12 minute unit with high-pressure UV bulbs that gives instant color and prolonged color development. Included in our Level 3 Package.

​2-20 minute units with different UV exposures and facial tanners. Both are in our Level 2 Package. 

28-500 watt Herious high-pressure bulbs totaling 14,000 watts of tanning power.  For the serious tanner only...

Sun Capsule 48 Stand up                 Unit

Sun Capsule Stand up Unit

The Black Sun

Sol-tron Hot Pepper

Tan America 32

 Sizzles Tans

Starship Stand up Unit

A 9 minute high intensity stand up unit perfect to even out any tan lines. Also included in our Level 4 Package. 

A 9 minute high intensity stand up unit included in our Level 3 Package. All of our stand up units have attached dressing rooms for your privacy and convenience. 

34 Genesis Super Power Lamps

Facial Tanner with 2 settings

Stereo Sound Plus system

​Body Ventilation plus Face Vents to keep you cool while getting Bronzed

Included in our Level 2 Package

We have three of these beds in our Level 1 Package. Two are 20 minute beds and one is a 15. Great beds for building a beautiful base tan.

12 minute Level 2 Stand up Unit

Passion 34/3

Sundash 332 Pro